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One Perfect Present: A Ridiculously Lightweight, Hard-Shell Suitcase

December 18, 2013 at 8:39 AM | by | Comments (0)

There's so much crap travel gear out there that, all this week, we're wading through the muck to feature travel items truly worth giving as gifts. Every day, we'll feature one item we personally love and recommend and think you need in your travel life.

Luggage may be a popular graduation gift, but any walk through the airport makes it abundantly clear that some travelers haven't upgraded since. Every year brings new technology and materials for staying under weight limits while enduring everything a baggage handler can throw, and lately we've been very impressed with one such new-fangled line of luggage in particular: Samsonite CURV.

Not everyone can afford ribbed cases of Rimowa (prices for which hover around $1,000 a case), but take it down a few hundred dollars and there's Samsonite CURV's "Firelite" and "Cosmolite" cases in the same class of durability and style.

CURV is a woven fabric reminiscent of carbon fiber, in this case used to produce shock-absorbent hard-shell luggage of incredible lightness. We borrowed the 28" four-wheel Firelite model from a friend to use for a month-long trip around Australia and New Zealand, and now it's on our own Christmas list.

Empty, we could easily lift and carry it with out pinky finger. Even the wind tried to blow it into the street. Packed full at the end of our trip, we still didn't near the 50lb limit. It maneuvered like a dream, stood out on the baggage claim belt, and it didn't nick a bit during the entire journey of nearly 23,000 miles.

Where to buy: Since CURV is relatively new, you should be able to find the cases in most luggage and travel stores, plus luggage departments in larger stores like Nordstrom and Macy's. Of course there's always the internet. If you're really lucky, buy it direct from a Samsonite retail store (locations around the world, including Boston, San Francisco, Singapore, Hong Kong).

How much: From $450 - $615, depending on size. The red 28" Spinner pictured above is the $565 model.

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