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Southwest Starts Up Gate to Gate iMessaging from $2

December 16, 2013 at 6:19 AM | by | ()

The way in which Southwest Airlines does the in-flight WiFi thing means that the internet waves can operate from gate to gate. That’s pretty slick, as it sets them apart from competition. Things are about to get even better, as the carrier just announced that some in-flight messaging will be arriving soon to an airline seat near you.

Those who prefer the flavor of Apple when it comes to their mobile device are welcome to utilize the iMessage feature on their iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Users with iOS 5 or later can now keep things powered up, switched on, and stay connected.

They’re not technically text messages, but they operate in pretty much the exact same way. This time they’re just going over the WiFi waves to send information to your friends and family rather than bouncing between cell towers.

It’s certainly affordable at just $2 per day, so feel free to sign-on and stay connected with plenty of emoji and LOLs throughout the flight—OMG they r out of diet coke.

For those who prefer Android for their on the go communication needs there will be a little bit of wait. As Southwest says—they’ll be shown the LUV soon—they are just trying to figure out the best messaging app to use. Things should hit the skies for those devices early in 2014.

[Photo: William Hook]

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