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TSA Confiscates Toy Gun from Sock Monkey Cowboy

December 17, 2013 at 9:50 AM | by | Comments (0)

There are times when we try to defend TSA for mindlessly enforcing its rules rather than following 'common sense.' Yes it's absurd to pat down grandma after she triggers a scanner, for instance, but once an alarm goes off TSA agents are obligated to go through a very specific procedure. Do you really want them making their own decisions on when it's OK to believe the machines? Keep in mind how we recruit some of them.

But this is just fucking idiotic. The story reads like something we'd invent if we were trying to imagine a really stupid instance of TSA security theater. Seriously. We can actually imagine ourselves saying something like "next thing you know, they'll start taking away toy guns from hand-woven stuffed animals." And yet here we are.

Phyllis May and her husband were reportedly traveling from St. Louis to Seattle with, among other things, a few of the hand-made dolls that May creates. One of those dolls was a sock monkey named "Rooster Monkburn." Rooster Monkburn is modeled on John Wayne's character from True Grit and had a two inch toy pistol strapped to his side. A TSA agent took away that toy pistol because it violated

We have no comments to add. We're just going to let that sit there.

Except please note that last week it was also revealed that a summer investigation into TSA misconduct, which we wrote about when the government report was published months ago revealed 22 letters of reprimand, 14 suspensions, 10 terminations, and 11 additional infractions just in Idaho and just between 2010 and 2012. That's less than 1% of the total infractions, and still includes highlights like workplace violence and verbal abusive language. So says a local station that asked for the state-specific information from TSA and just got it a few days ago. You can even see the report here.

So maybe there are other things that the agency should be worried about, above and beyond the toy guns of toy stuffed animals.

And now, as a bonus, here is what happens when the Internet gets a hold of a story like this. Please enjoy:

[Photo: Phyllis May / King5]

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