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Contaminated Water at LAX is Brown, Loaded with Bacteria

December 13, 2013 at 4:28 PM | by | Comments (0)

Everything you need to know about this story can be summed up by the fact that, when the Associated Press wrote about it last week, the wire began their article with the phrase "brown water." We'd have to check, but we're pretty sure that in the entire history of journalism there has never been a single article that began with the phrase "brown water" and then went on to describe something happy. "Brown water" is always followed by sadness, as near as we can tell, both journalistically and otherwise.

At issue is the drinking water outside the Tom Bradley international terminal at LAX. Someone leaked emails to the Los Angeles Times about the condition of said water, which as you may have guessed by now turned brown. The color wasn't a random coincidence. It turns out that - per the Times - the water "contains high levels of bacteria and particles of copper, brass and rust."

The Times expose was published on December 6. The emails obtained by the paper indicate that the airport had been trying to solve the problem as of at least November 19th. This was not a minor thing that could be fixed by tightening some pipes, in other words.

LAX is operated by Los Angeles World Airports. Officials from the organization want you to know that the problem has been dealt with, and that everything's fine with the terminals that passengers use. A November 23 email published by the Times, on the other hand, says that the entire clusterfark "represents entirely too much contamination from the water supply." So there's that.

This isn't the first time nonsense like this has happened at LAX, either. Last March they mixed used air conditioning water with what was supposed to be potable water. Terminal 6 had to be supplied with water bottles as a result. So at least these people are consistent.

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