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What It's Like to Belly Up to Emirates' A380 Onboard Bar

December 13, 2013 at 10:51 AM | by | Comments (0)

Long gone are the days when flying was an event and passengers "dressed to the nines" to be wined and dined at 30,000 feet. Despite cost-cutting and the spread of air travel to more than just the moneyed, a few modern airlines manage to pull off bits of those glamor days still. One of these is Emirates, because traveling on one of their A380s is one of the more civilized experiences, stretching from boarding to deplaning. On our own recent flight, however, it was the full bar that wowed us most.

The airline's superjumbos feature separate First Class and Business Class bars, both fully stocked with top-shelf liquors, fine Champagnes, and light bites to lubricate passenger relaxation and socializing. Just after take-off, while the cabin crew are prepping for meal service, a few crew members are tasked with setting up this flying perk that is unique to only a few carriers.

Once the bar is open for service, prepare to be impressed. The wall of top shelf spirits and under-lit bar not only look good, but they invite passengers to meet and greet and cozy up in the ample seating around the bar. With all the free-flowing alcohol, the bar is sensibly scattered with nibbles consisting of tea sandwiches, gourmet seafood appetizers, and crackers to ensure you make it through you flying time.

Not only did we sample the delicious food and note the shot glasses of shrimp and cilantro salad, we had a chance to try some hot delights from the Bistro Menu. Just in case we didn't get enough from our full meal, we tasted some Middle Eastern treats, like lamb kofta and Moroccan tarts.

As flawless as the service was, we were a little surprised to find a stack of menus shrink-wrapped and placed on the top of the bar. Thankfully, we could still manage to decipher what we were eating and had the opportunity to enjoy every bite, not to mention sip.

Since the bar is in the back portion of the plane, the bouncing of the plane hurdling through the air could have been a slight bummer for some, but we might recommend to keep your drink properly filled and you probably won't notice it.

[Photos: Rayme Gorniak/Jaunted]

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