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Where to Find 5 of the Biggest and Best Christmas Trees Across the USA

December 11, 2013 at 12:46 PM | by | Comments (0)

Driving around the neighborhood checking out lights is one way to celebrate the season, but unless the guy down the street is Santa, it’s not going to be that exciting. That’s why we’re throwing out our picks for the best Christmas trees around the country for 2013. There’s no artificial or plastic pine needles here, as these trees were all pulled right from the ground. We’re just glad we’re not in charge of refilling their stand with gallons and gallons water throughout the season.

Chicago, Illinois - Daley Plaza

When it comes to Christmas trees, Chicago knows what it's doing, as the city is quick to pick only the biggest and the best. This year Chicago is celebrating its 100th anniversary of decorating a tree, as it sets things up right in Daley Plaza. This year’s tree was selected from the Moore Family Tree in South Holland, Illinois. For those keeping track, it’s a 57-foot Colorado blue spruce this year, and we’ve got to say it looks pretty darn nice. Christkindlmarket Chicago sits right next door, so make sure to pick up some seasonal gifts at the city’s German winter holiday market.

Costa Mesa, California - South Coast Plaza

Nothing says the holiday season like a trip to the mall, and South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California certainly knows how to welcome holiday shoppers. This year it brought in a 96-foot white fir—a tree a few feet taller than the one at nearby Fashion Island—and decorated it with over 20,000 lights. They brought things over 600 miles down to Orange County, and it took around five people to get all the lights on it and to place the star on top. Let’s just hope that they have it firmly in the stand, as it’s estimated to weigh around 20,000 pounds.

Washington, DC - National Christmas Tree

There’s a brand new tree this year in the nation’s capital, and even a new color scheme for the National Christmas Tree. The tree is now a 28-foot Colorado blue spruce, and everyone from the Obamas to Aretha Franklin was on hand to celebrate the season and flip the switch on the lights. There’s 110 sets of net lights, 225 strings of lights, and 265 spherical ornaments. Everything is powered by LEDs, so it's only sucking down a little bit of electricity when compared to the traditional options.

New York, New York - Rockefeller Center

Everyone has seen this tree on television, but if you haven’t seen it in real life, you’re missing out. It’s definitely the world’s most famous tree, so we just had to include it as one of our top picks. This year’s tree started doing its thing on December 4, and it will remain shining into the first week of 2014. Each year there’s quite a hunt to look for the perfect tree, and this year the honor goes to a 76-foot Norway Spruce from Shelton, Connecticut. About 45,000 multi-colored LED lights cover the tree, and to top it off there’s a snazzy 9 1/2-foot-wide Swarovski star.

Kansas City, Missouri - The Mayor's Christmas Tree

You’ll need to travel to Kansas City to visit the biggest tree on our list, as this thing is easily bigger than the one that calls New York City home. The Mayor's Christmas Tree at Hallmark Cards’ Crown Center is strung with more than 7,200 white lights and stands at 100-feet tall. More than 1,200 ornaments cover the tree, and beyond that there’s even more lights strung throughout Crown Center Square. Apparently there are no gigantic trees hanging around Missouri, as this year’s Douglas fir was trucked in all the way from Oregon. After the holiday season does its thing the tree is removed, and they chop it up to make collectible ornaments. This tree is certainly one not to miss.

[Photos: Twitter and Anthony Quintano]

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