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Will This Floating City Actually Become a Reality (and Full of Permavacationers)?

December 11, 2013 at 5:33 AM | by | Comments (0)

Imagine a city that is bouyant enough to float on water, yet big enough to be home to thousands of residents with all the creature comforts of our favorite city and a fully functioning airport. Now, if all of this sounds like it was pulled from a futuristic sci-fi book from the middle of last century, you'd be only half right. This vision, known as Freedom Ship and designed by Florida engineer Norman Nixon, will be just that: a self-contained floating city, and it might not be as far-fetched as you think.

Originally conjured up in the late 1990s, Freedom Ship was designed as gigantic ship-like vessel sold as a city. The 4,500 foot-long city will be four times longer than the Queen Mary and have a capacity for 40,000 permanent inhabitants over 25 stories. The floating metropolis will sport shops, restaurants, hospitals, schools and even an airport on the top big enough for small regional turboprops to take-off and land.

With a proposed journey of a continuous circle around the world stopping at a good majority of cities and countries that have larger coastal areas, residents will be able to ferry to shore by boat or small aircraft and can return from that city or another further down the line. In all, the ship will spend about 70% of its time offshore from major cities and the rest of the time at sea.

Initial prices range from $212,500 for a small one-bedroom apartment without an ocean view to $9,136,600 for a 5,100 sq. ft penthouse with full-length balconies and water views. The entire project hasn't even raised a tenth of the $10.7 billion is needs to make the dream a reality, though. Apart from being low on funds and the fact that construction hasn't even begun on the vessel, Nixon passed away last year, so the mastermind won't even be around the ensure it moves ahead.

We suppose this takes being a "permavacationer" to a whole new level. Cruising around the world for the rest of our lives doesn't sound too bad, but listen to this: according to the project's website, the "commercial district aboard Freedom Ship will sustain a population of 100,000 people comprised of 40,000 residents, 20,000 full time crew, 30,000 daily visitors, and 10,000 overnight guests to the hotel and casino."

Even for those of us who live in Manhattan, that's a lot of people in one place.

[Photos: Freedom Ship]

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