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Airline Rewards Facebook Fans with Free Tickets, Delivered by Drone

Where: Latvia
December 10, 2013 at 8:36 AM | by | Comments (0)

You know we’re all about celebrating, and that’s especially the case when we can do so with a little bit of travel. That’s why we’re fully in favor of airBaltic and their latest maneuver. The carrier just got all excited over a certain number of followers on Facebook—100,000 of them—but it’s what they did to honor the occasion that makes it interesting.

Typically the airline specializes in using actually airplanes to go flying, but this event required something a little more modern. Unmanned drones actually delivered free tickets right to their Facebook fans and, seeing how the airline is the most popular Baltic brand on Facebook, that meant more than a few special ticket-drops.

The drones appeared outside of windows to reward unsuspecting Facebook fans, and even those who didn’t score freebies were awarded discounts for helping the airline reach this social media milestone. Sure they’re a little bit behind other major carriers around the world, but sometimes it pays to support the little guys. That’s especially because we don’t think United is sending out free tickets aboard drones anytime soon.

Guess it’s time to go ahead and “like” them on Facebook—who knows what they’re giving away next!

[Photo / Video: Air Baltic]

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