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Travel Contest Alert: Keep Your Gadget On, Take a Photo Under 10,000 Feet, Win First Class Flights

November 5, 2013 at 10:34 AM | by | ()

It seems like only yesterday the FAA allowed flyers to keep their gadgets turned on below 10,000 feet on flights. In fact, it was last week, and already the approved airlines are going gung-ho to promote this new sliver of flyer freedom.

Thus far, the FAA has given the go-ahead for gate-to-gate portable electronic device (PED) use on all Delta and JetBlue flights, and most American Airlines flights.

Already JetBlue is reminding flyers that it's totally cool to take advantage of the new gadget rule to take awesome photos out the airplane window during take-off and landing. And of course there's a hashtag for that: "share your no-need-to-be-sneaky pics by tagging them #below10kfeet."

In the meantime, Delta has rolled out the first contest to award photos taken below 10,000 feet.

Using the same #below10kfeet hashtag, Delta has announced that they're putting two First Class tickets to anywhere in the US up as a prize for the best low-altitude photo taken on a domestic US Delta flight, encouraging flyers to "take that picture you’ve always wanted during takeoff and submit using Wi-Fi once enabled."

How to enter:

· Keep your smartphone or camera on during take-off or landing, and snap a "Delta-themed photo taken on the ground highlighting the new rules on in-flight use of personal electronic devices OR a photo from inside the plane looking out the window."
· Be sure you're onboard a Delta domestic US flight and you're 21 or over.
· Submit your photo either from the air (via Gogo in-flight WiFi) or once you're on the ground, using the submission form.
· Do so by November 30, 2013.

Good luck!

[Photos: JetBlue, Delta]

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