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Singapore's Changi Airport Only Plans to Get More Awesome by 2017

Where: Singapore
November 13, 2013 at 8:42 AM | by | ()

At this point everyone knows that Singapore-Changi Airport is consistently ranked one of the best airports in the world. They’ve got a movie theatre, they’ve got slides, and of course they have plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

As if it could get better, the airport has announced another expansion. This time it’s all about Terminal 4, as plans are heading off the drawing board and into construction mode. The fresh construction won’t be quite ready for your next flight through the region for some time, as the new airport expansion is looking to make its appearance at some point in 2017.

As far as neat airport stuff is concerned, travelers can expect more of the greenery, gardens, and plenty of natural light Changi is known for, all adorning the hallways and walkways both inside and outside. There’s going to be more than 160,000 square feet of space for food, beverage, and retail offerings, and the whole darn design of the place will be inspired by the look of an orchid petal.

As far as airport logistics are concerned, it will be very much business as usual at the airport, but there will be some adjustments during construction. There are plans to include a whole bunch of self services, as the airport believes in DIY whenever possible, all the way from check-in to customs clearance. It’s all part of "FAST"—or what they’re calling "Fast And Seamless Travel" initiatives.

The whole place is being constructed on the former site of the Budget Terminal, and again, things are moving forward with a targeted grand opening of 2017. We’ll see you there!

[Photos: SAA and Benoy]

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I would like to ADD some more information about at the groundbreaking ceremony graced by Mr Lui Tuck Yew, Minister for Transport, guests were given the first glimpse of the design of Changi Airport's newest terminal - lush and comfortable, yet intimate, with touches of Singapore culture. Moreover, with the ability to handle 16 million passenger movements a year, T4's completion in 2017 will bring Changi Airport's total annual passenger capacity to 82 million. To support the terminal's operations, another 17 narrow-body and nine wide-body aircraft stands are being built at a land plot south of Terminal 3, in preparation for increased demand for aircraft parking space as air traffic continues to grow into the next decade. A bridge across Airport Boulevard will be constructed to enable buses and other airside vehicles to move from T4 to these aircraft stands. To facilitate the smooth movement of passengers boarding aircraft at the remote stands, T4 will also house a centralised departure bus lounge with up to nine bus bays.

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