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New Travel Ads Actually Makes You Want to Go to Illinois (Not Just Chicago)

October 4, 2013 at 2:31 PM | by | Comments (0)

How about something light for a dreary Friday afternoon. Buzzfeed's headline described it as "honestly, the best state tourism ad ever created." It's not the most magical piece of travel advertising we've ever seen - the winner of that particular prize is probably this Widerøe ad - but it's certainly very well done.

And frankly, given the usual stupidity that revolves around state promotions, this ad deserves some kind of medal.

The commercial is part of the Enjoy Illinois campaign. The website is here. It's very well put together with nice shiny pictures (albeit with a slider that should probably be avoided by anyone prone to seizures). There's a travel guide, a smartphone app, and then a bunch of helpful pages. It's nothing particularly magical, but it's a comprehensive media campaign that's well put together and doesn't do anything wrong.

And it's stitched together at the end with a commercial that is on-point to the product - it shows you places in the state you'd like to go - yet still manages to be cute and a little bit funny.

See kids? It's not that difficult. And by "kids" we mean you jackasses and you jackasses and especially you jackasses. Seriously, what is it with airline companies?

[Photo: EnjoyIllinois / YouTube]

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