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Please Welcome Air Serbia to the Skies Above Europe

October 31, 2013 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

Add another carrier to your menu of airline options over in Europe, as Air Serbia is the newest airline to take to the skies. Technically they’re kind of like a reborn version of the former carrier known as Jat Airways, as the government of Serbia and Etihad Airways kind of joined forces to start something new from something old.

Anyway, Air Serbia has a new look, new logo, and some new planes. The carrier just got its first new Airbus A319, and it sounds like more of them are on the way. That’s a good thing too, as they’re eager to boost their existing options over the next few months. All in all they’re hoping to double their network within the next six months while adding some new routes and destinations.

From their base at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport they’ll be headed within the next few months to spots like Abu Dhabi, Prague, and Bucharest and once 2014 rolls around cities like Budapest, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, and Istanbul will all become available. Since they’re buddies with Etihad Airways connections are available to destinations beyond just the immediate area, as they’ll even get you to Australia as long as you’re willing to switch carriers during your travel. Right now they’re claiming that through their partners they’re able to get you to over 40 destinations in more than 30 counties.

Besides their destinations we’re most interested in their in-flight offerings, as it looks like these guys mean business when it comes to in-flight dining. They’re promising some kind of chocolate dessert to all their passengers—complete with ice cream. They also seem to be more than accommodating when it comes to special requests, as travelers can preorder special meals beforehand—everything from Asian/Indian vegetarian meal and fruit meals to meals prepared with raw fruits and vegetables and meals with reduced amount of albumen. We may have counted like 20 different options, so they’re certainly pretty eager to serve.

We’d keep an eye on these guys in 2014, as we kind of have a feeling that they might do pretty darn well. With a new look, new branding, and some cash behind their operations—thanks to Etihad—we could see them being a strong option in and around the region.

[Photo: Air Serbia]

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