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This is a Thing: Opening Beer Bottles with Helicopters

October 28, 2013 at 6:28 PM | by | ()

Everyone loves a good airport beer, and perhaps a good shower beer when the mood strikes, but what about a helicopter beer?

This last weekend, the China Helicopter Tournament 2013 in the province of Shandong decided that a fun challenge for the 20 competing pilots would be to open a beer bottle...using bottle openers mounted to the skids of their choppers.

It may sound complex, but the rules were simple: "the pilot had to open five beer bottles in sequence in a designated area within eight minutes and the one who opened the most bottles without much damage to them would win the game." The winner, Zhang Zhiqiang, claimed victory after successfully opening three of the five bottles with minimal damage.

Now for the weird part. This practice is actually a thing. Seach "helicopter opens beer" on YouTube, and the results look a little like this:

That last video proves that Japan also enjoys some heli-bottle opener action and improves on the activity by adding POV cams for both the bottle and opener.


Now, who'll be the first to attempt saber-opening a bottle of champagne with a helicopter? Surely that's next.

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