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Be Friends with 'Select Executive Benefits' on Amtrak

January 8, 2013 at 10:40 AM | by | ()

If you see the inside of an Amtrak train more than you see your house, apartment, or your loved ones—we’ve got good news. You’re still probably going to ride the rails more than you’d like, but at least Amtrak is getting ready to award your loyalty for choosing them for your trips.

Amtrak has already had a couple different flavors of frequent traveler perks and benefits, but they’ve upped the ante with their latest offering. The new top tier of their Amtrak Guest Rewards program is known as Select Executive Benefits—not the cleverest name—and will get you all kinds of neat travel benefits and other stuff.

To score the elite piece of plastic you’ll need to travel aboard the train enough to earn more than 20,000 qualifying points. After that your ride gets a little bit better, as you’ll score unlimited access to ClubAcela and Amtrak Metropolitan Lounges. Swanky! You’ll even get access to United Club lounges when you’re stuck at the airport rather than the station. Other benefits include a priority phone number for reservations and, for when things go wrong, faster earning of award points and one upgrade for every 3,000 points that you earn.

It might not be as enticing as going for the best of the best elite status like aboard some of the world’s airlines, but it’s at least a start. With the way points are usually calculated you’re looking at spending—or at least your company is looking at spending—around $10,000 to get all those qualifying points. However, if you’re doing the traveling anyway you might as well try your best to score the Select Executive Benefits.

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