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Virgin Atlantic Needs Some Help Naming Their Newest Domestic Bird

January 8, 2013 at 11:23 AM | by | ()

A new year means some new airplanes, and once again the airlines are just too darn lazy to name the planes themselves. They’re turning to us to help them out, and this time it’s Virgin Atlantic that’s looking to the masses to select a clever name, though it won't be for a jumbo jet headed across the Atlantic. Instead it's one of their new Airbus airplanes destined to hit the new Virgin Atlantic short-haul routes.

We mentioned a while ago that Virgin Atlantic was looking at starting some flights in and around the United Kingdom, and now it’s almost time to start flying. To celebrate the new options set to startup between London and Manchester toward the end of March, officials over at Virgin Atlantic—like Sir Richard Branson—are teaming up with the Manchester Evening News for a little bit of a contest.

The most creative entry will score a pair of flights back and forth between Manchester and London to test things out, and of course he or she will also see the winning idea slapped alongside the airplane. The only catch is that it looks like the contest is geared towards readers of the Manchester Evening News, and you need to be a resident of the UK. If you meet all the conditions—there’s even a few more right over here—just send in your idea along with name, number, and email address to namethatplane@fly.virgin.com by midnight on January 20.

If you’re having a little trouble getting the creative juices flowing, the newspaper is passing along a few tips to help get you going. Remember that it’s probably a good idea to go with something a little British, and all the Virgin planes have female names. Finally, go with something timeless rather than something that’s a little more current—and good luck.

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