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Farm-fresh Food Market Meets Food Court at Minneapolis-St. Paul

January 4, 2013 at 10:27 AM | by | ()

It seems like every time we hear from Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport the place is getting better and better. Some of the last news we caught was that they were finally opening up the WiFi waves free to one and all, and now theyíre going all in with some tasty new options. Itís not quite a farmerís market live from the airport, but some food stalls and a fresh take on the food court make it worth checking out.

OTG Management is the group behind the new concept, as they bring this idea of a sort of food hall thing to a US airport for the first time. If youíre looking for it itís over in the G Concourse at the airportóthatís in Terminal 1 with all those Delta flights. The whole area kind of connects several gates, and as you make your way toward your flight you can take a pit stop for a snack, beverage, or just a magazine. Thereís even plenty of iPad ordering capabilities, so it makes spending your hard earned cash that much more enjoyable.

Thereís a burger place, a sandwich stall, pizza slices to go, and even some frozen yogurt. Not really high class dining, but when youíre hungry youíre hungry.

The only downside to the new concept is that youíre kind of stuck going through itólike when the ride at Disney World dumps you off into a gift shop after the ride. So if youíre not really in the mood to pass Snickers and Milky Way bars youíre kind of out of luck. However, itís still kind of clever, and we want to take a spin through.

[Photo: OTG via Moodie Report]

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