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New Airline Alert: Hop! Puts Destination Dots All Over Europe

Where: France
January 30, 2013 at 10:06 AM | by | ()

Thank goodness for even more options for low-cost, short-haul flights in Europe; we were worried that that market wasn't big enough. [sarcasm] You see, Air France just announced the launch of their own little regional carrier and, keeping with the theme of onomatopoeic budget airline names, this time we introduce "Hop!."

Hop! isn't exactly new; it's just a fresh brand that encompasses the three legs of AF's regional carriers. Brit Air, Regional and Airlinair will be folded into the one name to operate as a single short-to-medium haul carrier, mainly, out of one of Paris' other airports, Orly. Hop! will also have a handful of flights out of Charles de Gaulle, just to keep things interesting.

Starting at 55 Euros per flight, the low-cost model will benefit both business and leisure travelers who keeps trip range short. No word on if this new brand will include the newest and cheapest of Air France fares, called MiNi, which were launched earlier this month.

Flights will start taking off from March 31st, with Hop! hopping to 136 destinations within Europe on about 530 flights per day.

[Photo: Air France/Instagram, Air France]

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