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In-Flight WiFi Could Be Free-Flowing Faster if the FCC Has Their Way

January 3, 2013 at 9:32 AM | by | ()

It might be a little early to predict—it’s only the third day of 2013—but we’re expecting in-flight WiFi to come on even stronger than ever this year. We’ve already heard rumblings about Uncle Sam and his various agencies debating the merits of turning electronics off—or leaving them on—during flight, and now it looks like the Federal Communications Commission is chiming in once again.

We’ve always kind of assumed that getting WiFi up in the air was a big pain in the overhead bin. Not the technology portion necessarily—although we’re sure that’s kind of tricky—but more so the paperwork and approval process. Well, the FCC is anxious to help move in-flight WiFi roll-out full speed ahead, as they’ve streamlined the process—efficiencies, synergies, and what not—to make it all a little bit easier on the airlines.

Once the new streamlined process is in place, installation and approval times could be cut in half, and that means more WiFi for us and less time playing the same ol’ games on our phones.

The only problem could be that the Federal Aviation Administration also requires testing before they give things the green light and go ahead, so hopefully they’ll be on board with this new application process sooner than later as well. We find it hard to imagine that two government agencies would actually chat up one another over something that would benefit travelers, but we’ll remain optimistic.

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