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Put on Your Thongs! It's Australia Day

Where: Australia
January 28, 2013 at 11:24 AM | by | ()

It's celebration time in Australia! The entire nation has taken the time to wish the country a very Happy Birthday in what can be called the equivalent to our Fourth of July, Australia Day. This holiday is the national day for Aussies all around the world and as you would expect, BBQs, beach and brews are part of the fun of the long weekend. Today (Monday) is Australia Day, observed.

One of the biggest celebrations is at the iconic Bondi Beach where the iconic flip-flop maker Havaianas attempts to break a world record for the largest amount of people on a beach with inflatable—you guessed it—flip-flops. (Here's a tip: if you're down under, call them "thongs")

Back in 2006, Havaianas set out to break the record for the largest inflatable chain on one beach, with 863 people joining in on the fun. Year by year, the event has grown to include more and more people and multiple beaches across Australia. Unfortunately, the folk at Bondi have to wait another year to break the record. This last weekend, 2070 inflatable thongs floated in the warm water of the ocean and, although it was a record for the beach, it was 19 short of the same challenge at Cottlesoe Beach in Western Australia.

As mentioned, other Aussie beaches get in on the fun from coast to coast. Glenelg in South Australia, Torquay in Victoria and Mooloolaba in Queensland are the other sandy strips participating in breaking world records and celebrating all things Australian.

[Photo: Havaianas Australian Day Thong Challenge]

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