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Scotland Sets New Standard for Cute Travel Advertising

January 28, 2013 at 4:14 PM | by | ()

Copyranter calls them the "cutest brand ambassadors ever" and we're inclined to agree. According to the Scotland tourism board, which put together the campaign, the two Shetland ponies - Fivla and Vitamin - are wearing their "winter woolies" (?) in order to mark "the Year of Natural Scotland." The Year of Natural Scotland, in turn, appears to be a project that the tourism board totally made up.

As near as we can tell from the project fact page, they wanted to brand Scotland as a natural travel destination, and so they took the word "Scotland" and the word "Natural" and put them together. The ponies, we're told are "helping promote the Year of Natural Scotland with beautifully created cardigans."

Now usually this is where we'd make fun of lame travel advertising that invents something out of thin air and then acts like it's a real thing. But look how cute! No seriously, look. Pictures! And also this video, which we've convienently embedded at the bottom of the post. Ponies. In sweaters.

Exit question: is this campaign better or worse than the unofficial but highly entertaining Loch Ness Monster Scotland travel poster? It's well known that we have an almost terminal weakness for cute, but we have to admit that the fake monster thing is pretty clever. Thoughts?

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