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Play Pilot and Win Free Flights, British Airways Tells London Commuters

Where: Victoria Station, London, United Kingdom
January 29, 2013 at 10:38 AM | by | ()

With the weather the UK’s been having over the past few weeks (flooding-snow-flooding), we’re pretty sure the whole nation is dreaming of a holiday. Pretty good timing, then, for British Airways to start a week-long flight giveaway to stressed out commuters.

All this week, you’ll find a BA stand at London Victoria Station. It’s not the normal handing-out-flyers stand, though; no, this is a flight simulator that awards free flights to the best “pilots” in the station.

It’s not a state of the art simulator, of course. This is more the kind you’d see in an arcade game. Every day this week, it’ll be loaded with a different airport approach, and your job is to land the plane. That alone is fun enough. But here’s the best bit: every 15 minutes, the person with the highest score in those 15 minutes will win a pair of flights to the airport in question. Yes – they’re giving away 60 flights a day. This is inspired.

On the way back from work yesterday, we found a 20-minute line of people waiting to land at St Lucia's Hewanorra Airport. It was harder than it looked! There's lots of curves where you have to steer the plane through the hoop, and then flick the landing gear down as quickly as possible.

We got 43% accuracy—pretty bad, right? Not so much as we came fourth in our 15-minute segment. We were vanquished by a 60%er, which apparently was a very high score. The member of cabin crew we spoke to got 23% when he first tried. That’s another great thing, by the way—the stand is staffed by BA “ambassadors”—workers from across the company. Our delightful cabin crew member, Simon, was so excited about the competition that he was doing this during his annual leave.

If you can’t get to London, never fear; you can play for a holiday (ie not just flights) to the daily destination on BA’s Facebook page instead.

But if you can, then they’re there at Victoria Station 8am-8pm every day until 3 February. Future destinations (they'll change every day) are top secret, but are all long-haul and will be revealed every morning on the Facebook page. Today's is Marrakech, which we guess is technically longhaul, but hopefully there will be better ones as the week progresses.

[Photo: Londontown for Jaunted]

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I went down today and watched a group of Crossrail workers win tickets to St Kitts... it was so sweet! Sadly I forgot how to do up and down when it came to my turn.... there's always tomorrow