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The (High-Speed) Trains in Spain Go Quickly on the Plains

Where: Spain
January 25, 2013 at 6:02 PM | by | ()

Planning to travel through Spain this summer? Well, thanks to the newest high-speed rail AVE line linking the Spanish capitol of Madrid and the Spanish/French border town of Figueres.

The final track was laid, marking the end of the three-year project. This means the journey time is hugely slashed—from nine hours to only five! The first passengers traveled on January 9th, with many going the full 804 km from Figueres to Madrid.

Best of all, come April the high-speed rail will link passengers planning to travel all the way from Madrid to Paris. The Spanish portion of the train will link up to the French line, SNCF, to connect the two capitals.

Bonus! The seats on each of the trains will be a bit more affordable since tickets on a portion of the routes will be sold under the Avant brand, instead of the pricier AVE brand.

[Photo: fui for Flickr]

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