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KLM Once Again Does Social Media Right with Their 'Must See Map'

January 24, 2013 at 10:28 AM | by | ()

When it comes to airlines and social media stuff, it seems like KLM is always on the shortlist for carriers who actually utilize it in a useful and slick manner. We’ve mentioned before how they kill it on Facebook, and now it looks like they’re just going for a place in the airline social media hall of fame with something called "Must See Map."

Basically the idea is to rely on your friends and internet pals to help you plan your trip in one way or another. Head over to the map website, select where you’re going and then give the itinerary a slick name. After that you’re free to start adding your own tips and notes to your online map. We did a little sample visit to Paris and we added the Eiffel Tower as a must-see—haha.

Once you fill in your preferences and tips then it’s time to open it up to the masses. Through Facebook, Twitter, and email you can request further tips and suggestions from friends, family, and that guy at work who seems to think he knows everything about everywhere. They’ll all be able to sign into your map and add notes and whatnot to help you along during your trip.

Obviously the cool factor of the service is that it all takes place online, but KLM goes to the next level when they scoop it up off the internet, print it, and deliver it to your home. Once you feel satisfied with your tips and the look of your map, just go ahead and order it for delivery—all for free. They recommend that you hurry up and finalize things, as they might run out of maps. It sounds like you need to give ‘em like three weeks or so to get things to you, so just be patient.

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