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JetBlue Knocks 80% off Flights from New York with Juicy 'NYCFlightWeek' Deals

January 28, 2013 at 2:24 PM | by | ()

Woooo hoo! #NYCFlightWeek has arrived! We didn't know what it was until noon today and now we can't imagine our life without it because it's already saved us a boatload on a dream winter trip. No joking. Listen up.

#NYCFlightWeek begins on Twitter, when the @JetBlue account tweets that 12pm EST is the time to watch for, at which point they'll tweet the link to the day's special 80% off airfares. Each has a promo code that strips the 80% off published airfares right on their official JetBlue.com site.

Today was the first day and it'll continue all through the rest of the week. So, what's the verdict? Judging from the first destination offerings of St. Maarten, Liberia, Costa Rica and Fort Myers, FL, travelers who can drop everything and jet off this or next week are in for some unbeatable deals. That's the only problem—there's limited availability on seats and dates, so travelers who are most flexible will be the ones to really cash in on NYCFlightWeek.

Some of the above deals may still be valid, so long as you're reading this on Monday yet. Just be sure to add that promo code!

We booked a two-night trip to St. Maarten within 15 minutes of viewing these deals, simply because we had recently been searching affordable flights to SXM and found none. UNTIL NOW. Our total went from $484.90 to $175.90 for roundtrip flights, including taxes and fees. Proof:

We don't have much to say on Fort Myers, but if you're pondering Costa Rica we've a whole section on the very spot this discount JetBlue flight takes you to. And if nothing toots your horn today, check back tomorrow to the NYCFlightWeek deals page after noon EST.

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