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Everyone is Preparing for the 2014 World Cup (Even the Red Light District)

Where: Brazil
January 23, 2013 at 7:24 AM | by | ()

We understand that 2013 has pretty much just started, but when it comes to planning for something as big as the World Cup it pays to start as early as possible. We’re not surprised that the folks in Brazil have been putting in the overtime to ensure that everything is ready to go before the very first kick-off. What is a little surprising is that the prostitutes are also getting ready as well, but for them it’s all about studying.

Prostitutes want to be prepared for all the tourists heading to the country in little over a year, so they’re signing up for English language courses. After all it’s a little bit easier to negotiate the terms of a deal when you’re both sharing the same way of communication. Prostitution is legal in Brazil—that’s a fun fact—and the advocacy groups are going all in to ensure that the ladies are prepared as possible.

They’re already expanding their horizons when it comes to foreign language skills, as it sounds like Spanish, French, and Italian are also on their learning plan for the next year or so. Some are even taking a shot at picking up a little Portuguese, as after all, not all of the working women are local to Brazil. Glad to hear they're staying up to date on their continuing education, and this should put them in good shape for when the Olympics finally come to Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

[Photo: Claire L. Evans]

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Insensitive and myopic

This story is a disgrace and should be taken down. The writer's tongue-in-cheek tone is not only inappropriate for an article covering prostitution and poverty, it is downright insulting. "After all it's a little bit easier to negotiate the terms of a deal when you're both sharing the same way of communication." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Is sex trafficking funny? Read this 2012 report on human trafficking in Brazil and I dare you to keep laughing: http://www.unhcr.org/refworld/docid/4fe30cdf2.html. The writer also does not take into account the hardships that many will face in Brazil due to preparations for the event. For example, 22 neighborhoods in the city of Fortaleza alone will be destroyed. 5,000 families are set to be displaced by a government that is providing no alternative. I would urge Jaunted to not just apologize for publishing this embarrassment, but to cover the REAL issues at hand in a tone that matches the gravity of the situation. I would encourage all Jaunted readers to learn more and sign a petition here: http://www.rootingforthehometeam.org/author/admin/