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Woman Suing Basically Everyone Over Airport Racial Profiling

January 23, 2013 at 5:53 PM | by | ()

You guys know how we feel about tales of TSA woe that are just too perfect: the conspiracy theorist who says he was personally targeted by government agents, the deaf rights activist who says he was subject to anti-handicap abuse, the model who says she was just so hot that TSA officials simply had to grope her, and so on. It's cliched but it's true.

Things that are too good to be true, by definition, never are.

Except maybe this case in which an Ohio woman is suing just about everybody related to airport security—the TSA, the FBI, the ICE, Frontier Airlines, a bunch of federal agencies, various airports and airport officials—over what sounds like a batshit crazy abuse of power on September 11, 2011.

On one hand the events she's describing are kind of insane. On the other hand there are presumably signed legal documents in which the alleged victim gives alleged details about the alleged treatment. People aren't allowed to make those things up.

So one way or another, somebody's in trouble.

The woman wrote a blog post about the story, but just by way of quick synopsis: she was flying from DEN to DTW, her rowmates got into trouble for spending too much time in the bathroom, F-16 fighters escorted the plane to the tarmac, she was taken into custody, and she was detained for four hours. And also she was kept in a 6' by 10' cell with an open toilet and a video camera. And, also, she was strip-searched and forced to squat and cough. And also agents poked around in her mouth.

Oh! And also both she and the ACLU insist that all this happened just because she looked Arab.

Which brings us back to our original quandary. This seems very much like the most perfect example ever of how racial profiling goes wrong. The woman's blog is even titled Stories from the Heartland, because that's how perfect this case of misdirected government power is.

Too perfect? What do you think?

[Photo: Stories from the Heartland]

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