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New Restaurants and Fresh Food for Super Bowl Travelers at New Orleans' Airport

January 22, 2013 at 9:23 AM | by | ()

When it comes to cool airport names, we’ve got to say that Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport has to be one of the best. Starting this week the airport is going to be the gateway to this year’s Super Bowl, as visitors—and media—from around the globe head to the city to check out the pregame festivities, which probably have already begun. Thankfully the airport is more than prepared for the influx of visitors, as they just cut the ribbon on a bunch of new restaurants and shops over at MSY.

In total there’s around eight new restaurants and other spots to grab a bite to eat in the recently renovated airport, and that’s good news for hungry travelers heading to town. New Orleans has invested around a billion bucks on upgrades and improvements in advance of this year’s big game coming to town, and the airport advancements are just one piece of the spending.

As for what you’re getting, you can expect a nice dose of the local cuisine, as the airport has put in a solid effort to allow travelers to experience much more than just the typical fast food fare. Copeland’s Gourmet Kitchenover in Concourse C offers up stuff like red beans and rice, different kinds of po-boy sandwiches, and there’s even a sister restaurant over in Concourse D—Copeland’s Cheesecake Scoop Café.

Other options include Dooky Chase’s near the security checkpoint to Concourse C, and here you can get gumbo, fried chicken, collard greens, and other specialties that will probably be best enjoyed in the terminal rather than during your flight. There’s L.P. Bistro, Ye Olde College Inn, and Zatarain’s Kitchen around for your dining pleasure as well, as each try to put a local spin on airport dining.

It still might be a couple weeks before the masses truly descend upon the city, but at least the airport is now more than ready to greet plenty of hungry travelers.

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