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It's Not Just Batteries as Airplane Coffee Makers Start Exploding

January 21, 2013 at 8:00 AM | by | ()

From crazy travelers to burning batteries thereís some kind of hazard up in the air. However, the latest threat to your up in the air safety can be found toward the front of the plane, as there is danger lurking in the forward galley.

Apparently the Federal Aviation Administration has recently issued a safety warning on their website, as the government agency is kind of concerned that in-flight coffee pots could be some sort of hazard. The thought is that these suckers could pretty much explode right in the cabin. Obviously this isnít going to cause an emergency landing, but itís probably going to ruin the day of the flight attendant who is just trying to brew a cup of joe.

Itís the prepackaged coffee filter things that appear to be the culprit here, as the buildup of pressure might cause a little boom or bang. Thereís been several reports of first and second degree burns from these coffee attacks, so we guess that the FAA just wants to ensure that flight attendants know what theyíre getting into when they brew a pot of coffee.

It sounds like that as long as the prepackaged coffee things are placed into the machines correctly itís kind of a no harm no foul situation. However, if they are stuck in there incorrectly thatís where the problem occurs. Just watch out if youíre hanging out by the coffee pot, and be hopeful that your flight crew holds down a weekend job at the local Starbucks.

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10 years isn't the latest

"Latest news"?!? Their release was based on the past 10 years of data. Last I checked, 10 years ago didn't count as "the latest".