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Lost Luggage? Ask Nicely for a Toiletry Kit

Where: Spain
January 22, 2013 at 9:44 AM | by | ()

Luggage gets lost. Sometimes even our luggage gets lost. Most of the time it's no big deal since we planned accordingly and packed the essentials in a carry on and have what we need until the airline get their act together and delivers the bag. No big deal, right? Not all the time. In particular the time we put all our money on one color and let it roll on Iberia from Madrid to Mallorca.

It was a normal one-way flight to the Balearic Island. After what seemed like an uneventful check-in and after closer inspection we were given the wrong boarding passes. Inquiring about the confusion, collecting correct passes and a confirmation that the luggage will be loaded, we headed off to the lounge. In a surprise twist, our luggage was not on the belt in Palma.

We headed to the baggage services, flashed our boarding card and were told that the luggage was in Madrid. Great! A few more minutes of broken Spanglish exchange and we were told it would be delivered to our hotel...in 2 days. Naturally, we thought something was lost in translation eventually realizing, sadly, those were the facts.

We explained that the bag was the only one we were traveling with, containing all of our clothes and toiletries. Unphased, the baggage services agent thought she was finished explaining the process and moved on. A few deep breaths later, we very politely returned to the desk and asked in the nicest way possible if there was any amenity kit they could provide in the interim, only to receive a stern "no." This is where we put on our puppydog eyes and asked even nicer and, without saying a word, she walked away. A few minutes passed, our emotions continued to run high, and she returned with the above kit.

Containing all the basic toiletries, the bag had some winners and losers. The L'Occitane frangrance and the Iberia-branded items were cool. The losers were most certainly, the white t-shirt and shorts pajamas outfit (not pictured) and the sewing kit; it's not as if we had anything to repair.

A few lessons were learned, like it's best to kill people with kindness irrespective of how put out you think you are and it doesn't hurt to ask even nicer the second time around. Of course pack appropriately because anything can happen. Iberia and other legacy US airlines may have these available in rare occurrences, but not all airlines are as thoughtful.

[Photo: Rayme Gorniak for Jaunted]

Archived Comments:

Ironic kit.

I love how there is a shoe polisher in this kit but your shoes were still en route somewhere in Spain. I guess you could use it to buff your toe nails...