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Ellen Pulls an Oprah and Sends Her Audience to Australia

January 21, 2013 at 10:15 AM | by | ()

Seems that when anyone scores tickets to some talk show, the chance they walk away with swag are high. About a week ago, Ellen played the perfect philanthropic TV personality and gave her audience a huge trip to Australia as part of her own trip down under in March.

We've seen it all before, talk show host announces a free trip to Australia and the audience goes absolutely bananas with screams of joy and free-flowing tears. The scene wasn't too dissimilar to Oprah's announcement in 2010.

This time it's a bit different, Ellen is giving the chance for home viewers to rack up the frequent flyer miles and explore a new country as well. All you gotta do head to The Ellen Show website, write up a brief explanation of what winning the trip to Oz will do for you, give a little general info about yourself and then upload a photo and you're in the running for a seat on the plane with a bunch of Ellen fans.

Unlike Oprah's visit, there will be no shows taped in the country, but they will be doing some filming in Sydney and Melbourne to brag to everyone back at home. Winners from both the studio audience and the online competition will receive round-trip tickets to Australia, hotel accommodation and a transportation voucher.

[Photo: Screenshot of Ellen Show]

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