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'A Idiot Abroad' Ships Off to Venice to Start Season Three

January 21, 2013 at 3:42 PM | by | ()

For the third and final season of An Idiot Abroad, Ricky Gervais is sending his buddy Karl Pilkington in the footsteps of Marco Polo, who spent three years traveling from Venice to China in the 13th Century. And, this time, Ricky decided to give Karl a travel companion, Life's Too Short star Warwick Davis. They're about to have "the adventure of a lifetime, whether they like it or not."

In Saturday's season premiere, Pilkington and Davis start out in Venice, where Karl decides that living "in water" just "doesn't work." After checking into their hotel and navigating Venice's long alleyways like "Pac Man," Warwick and Karl spend a day in St. Mark's Square which Karl, who once longed for his travels to be more like vacations, complained that Warwick was treating the trip "too much like a holiday."

Next, they found a costume shop and got ready for a traditional masked ball though, once they got there, it seemed more like a small house party, nothing like the city's biggest annual masquerade ball, Venice Carnival, that kicks off on February 1st.

The rest of the episode was all downhill as Karl made a failed attempt at using a jet pack before the pair headed to Macedonia (an early detour on their trip to China) where they hung out with gypsies who rubbed Warwick's head for good luck, played bagpipes fashioned from a dead goat, and launched Warwick into the sky Up-style.

Perhaps the only real insight that came from the episode—besides the fact that gypsies make bagpipes out of goats—was Karl's revelations about traveling with a friend for the first time. [Traveling with someone is] "when you find out what people are like, their little downfalls, the little irritating things they do, everything is exaggerated." And, anyone who has ever taken that first trip with a friend or partner, knows he is speaking the truth.

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