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Jimmy Kimmel and American Airlines Join Forces for a Few Late-Night Laughs

January 2, 2013 at 9:33 AM | by | ()

We’re still in a little bit of shock over the pictures offered up by American Airlines showing off their new 777-300ER airplane. We’ll eventually get over the fact that it’s American Airlines who's about to fly these new beauties rather some international carrier, but until then we’ll just let their marketing team go to work on us.

If you’ve ever seen Jimmy Kimmel Live you’re probably somewhat familiar with Guillermo. Well he's now working overtime as a pitchman for American Airlines, doing his late-night thing in a couple new commercials for American Airlines.

They’re not exactly going to air on primetime television anytime soon since the tiny episodes are more of a little slice of comic relief during Kimmel's actual show. However, they do show off some of American Airlines’ new features including their new fancy pants lie flat seats—right from outside of the studio over in Los Angeles.

Both are kind of funny and worth a couple minutes of your time, and this is especially the case as you ease back into the routine of going to work and pushing those papers post-New Years.

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