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What Defunct Airline SkyBus Has in Common with a Rental Car Start-up

January 2, 2013 at 11:54 AM | by | ()

A couple months ago we mentioned this little start-up called Silvercar. In case you forgot they’re basically the latest entry into the crowded rental car market. However, they’re hoping to be successful by offering up only one kind of car—silver Audi A4s. It also doesn’t hurt that they’ve got former Skybus head honcho Bill Diffenderffer on the books as well.

Right before Christmas they flipped the switch on their website, and now Silvercar is open for your booking pleasure. Everything is a little limited to start—as in very limited—because it’s only in Dallas-Ft. Worth thus far. They’ve got to start somewhere, and the rental cars start flowing out of the airport as soon as January 14.

Even though they’re only renting Audis to travelers, the company has promised to keep things somewhat in line with other rental car companies price-wise. We sought out a weekend rental in January and found rates for $70 per day—although that jumps to roughly $99 with taxes, surcharges, and other rental car garbage. Clearly that’s a little bit more than a Ford Focus from Hertz, but it’s really not that bad. Other days we checked jumped upwards, so just be sure to click around for different days and prices before booking.

Do remember to use their app once you’re on the ground, as the whole rental car process is wireless and paperless over at Silvercar. Your mobile device doubles as your key to the car—at least to unlock it—as well as your electronic receipt once you’re all done driving around.

Your phone won’t fill you up on the way back to the airport, but they’ve got you covered if you can’t return the car with a filled tank. With Silvercar there’s just a $5 fill-up fee plus the cost for the gas—they just use the local average price for premium fuel, not some ridiculous per galloon rate and an entire tank.

We’re very intrigued to see how Silvercar shakes out during 2013, so we’ll keep you posted. Until then—remember to try ‘em out if you’re heading into DFW.

[Photo: Silvercar via Wired]

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Longtime no talk! Congrats on lasting much longer than Skybus! Thanks for your interest in Silvercar---we will deliver a car rental experience new to the industry and a smile to the harried business traveler. Let me know when you've tried it.