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The Deal with United and Their Long Haul WiFi Options

January 18, 2013 at 9:09 AM | by | ()

In-flight WiFi is no longer the latest and greatest in airplane technology, but we still get a kick out of logging on and doing our thing miles above the earth. For some time the WiFi was limited, as it was only possible over larger landmasses due to the fact you needed antennas on the ground to beam the signal around. Thankfully satellite technology has now arrived as well, and United has started to give it a try aboard some of their international flights.

Earlier this week they launched their very first plane with the long-haul WiFi option, but it sounds like they’ve got more planned for sooner rather than later. For now it’s available on just one Boeing 747, but eventually they’ll get stuff installed, switched on, and available in like 300 of their airplanes. The goal is to have things ready to go by the end of 2013, so they’ve still got plenty of time.

If you’re lucky enough to hop aboard this first WiFi enabled 747 you’ll be pleased with the pricing. There’s going to be two different speeds from which to choose, and connections for the standard option will run between $4 and $15 per flight. Boosting your speeds will set you back a little bit more, as this will range from $6 to $20. Obviously we’d prefer free, but often it’s a pay-per-minute kind of thing—so it doesn’t seem to bad to us. Now if we can just get a little more legroom.

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