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PEOPLExpress Still Plans On Flying, Maybe As Soon As This Summer

January 17, 2013 at 9:10 AM | by | ()

There hasn’t been a lot of recent news kicking around regarding PEOPLExpress and their plans to finally hit the skies. It sounds like they’re still quite a bit away from flying to here and there, but they’re still hard at work arranging the moo-lah, planes, and people to get things moving.

Down in Newport News, Virginia there’s some cash on the way for the airline as the regional airport committee recently gave the go ahead to get the ball rolling on a $500,000 loan to help bring the new carrier to the area. This would help PEOPLExpress acquire the necessary charter services and five airplanes, and finally get the show on the road.

Five airplanes could be secured as soon as February, and after that the new plan would be for the airline to take off as soon as this summer. Obviously there’s still plenty to change—or just go wrong—so don’t bet your family vacation on the feasibility of PEOPLExpress just yet.

Destinations like West Palm Beach, Pittsburgh, and Providence are still slated to be the initial options when the airlines starts flying, and we think we recall hearing that Orlando could be an option as well. According to the original plans the planes should have been doing their thing for quite some time at this point, but you know how it goes with new airlines and their start-up timelines. We’ll obviously keep you more than posted, but when it comes to PEOPLExpress don’t hold your breath.

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