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Digging in the Details of American Airlines' New Look

January 17, 2013 at 10:04 AM | by | ()

"Becoming a new American."

These are the first words you'll see over at American Airlines' flashy new website detailing their just-announced rebranding. But happens when one becomes a "new American?" For a person, it involves lots of study, a citizenship test and an official swearing-in ceremony with an oath of loyalty. For an airline, it's as simple as updating a logo. Or not so simple.

This rebranding for American represents the stride of a multi-million dollar effort to give the airline a new life via a fresh look, new onboard products, new airplanes, and new hope following the bankruptcy of 2011 and the shadow that cast over all of 2012. In this case, today's unveiling is more a re-christening than a swearing-in.

In American's own words, this massive move to rebrand and the new look "symbolizes our passion for progress and the spirit that is uniquely American."

Adjectives being used on social media to describe the new look: military, too stripey, understated, Eastern European, meh, a bit much, just heinous, lackluster, daring, powerful, bold, modestly patriotic...

...and it's been compared to the logos of Pepsi, Virgin Atlantic, Carnival Cruise Lines, Colgan Air, British Airways and Air France.

· Typography font: American Sans, a custom font closest to Frutiger

· Logo: The "Flight Symbol" as AA is calling it, has hints of an eagle, a star, and an "A"

· Colors: the red, white and blue of traditional AA, with some modern hints from the rest of the rainbow.

· Airports: For sure, the first of American's 777-300ERs with the new livery will begin flying between Dallas-Fort Worth and Sao Paulo on January 31.

That's not all. Hardly! The "new look" extends to everything from the presentation of AAdvantage materials to what flight crew use to do their jobs. For the latter, American will be introducing Galaxy Note tablets for enhanced customer service, like telling you connecting gate information before you even step off that first flight of the day. Want to be one of those people? American says it's now hiring for an additional 1,500 flight attendants.

If you're the average economy flyer who couldn't care less what your airplane looks like, there's even something for you with American's new look. That thing is the continued spread of new touchscreen seat-back entertainment systems in new planes and the spread of Main Cabin Extra, AA's Premium Economy option with additional legroom inches and priority boarding.

Finally, American Airlines will bring the attitude of their new look to social media, making their @AmericanAir Twitter account active and responsive 24/7/365.

[Images: American Airlines]

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