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Plan for Better Airport WiFi, Thanks to the FCC

January 16, 2013 at 11:15 AM | by | ()

It seems that government agencies have been pretty busy this year, and we’re not talking about the boys and girls bickering with one another in Congress. Both the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Aviation Administration have been throwing in their two cents regarding the state of WiFi and electronic doodads up in the air, and now it looks like the FCC is moving their attention back towards the ground.

We’ve all experienced our WiFi access slowing to a crawl. We understand that we all can’t be watching cat videos simultaneously on YouTube, but when even our email is slow to load that’s a problem.

Thankfully the Federal Communications Chairman is bummed out about this as well, and recently shed some light onto the situation during a presentation at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Apparently he’s getting ready to open the floodgates, and by that we mean that his agency is going to open up a good chunk of unlicensed spectrum to improve both WiFi speed and WiFi capacity.

Specifically it sounds like this will improve access in public places like the airport, so that’s how we can benefit from this new slice of the five-gigahertz band. Things should start cooking next month, so let the good times roll stream.

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Can't wait!

Can't wait for this! I travel so much and it is so hard to find wifi anywhere! Some of the biggest airports that you would expect to have wifi don't even have it for free or anything. LAX is one I always fly out of, and everybody hates that there is no wifi there. So much for being Hollywood, eh?