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24 Hours in Istanbul: Hang with the Cool Kids at Suada Club

Where: Suada Club - Galatasaray Adasi, Istanbul, Kuruçeşme, Turkey
January 25, 2013 at 4:48 PM | by | ()

If you're super-short on time in buzzing Istanbul (which is something that frequently happens with long layovers), we've "been there done that" so here are the things that’ll let you experience the modern side of Istanbul in a rush.

If you want to see how the beautiful people live in Istanbul, head down to the Kurucesme Park pier and wait to board the complimentary boat that will take you to the privately-owned island home to Istanbul’s Suada Club. Or, as some do, take your own yacht and cross the Bosphorus on your own time.

Suada Club was created in 2006 by the club mogul who owns the wildly popular celebrity hangout nightclub, Reina. Although the original vision was for a club catering to the wealthy who are far too busy to go away on a well-deserved vacation, even commoners such as we are let in and allowed to get a taste of the good life.

At last count, we found eight restaurants and bars plus an Olympic-sized pool to while away time as day dissolves to night. There's even a Magnum Bar (as in those yummy ice cream treats). We ate at the Suda Kebap restaurant, which specializes in Turkish cuisine and our tummies were very happy with what we put in them. We never even made it past the delish mezes (appetizers) though, ‘cause they were just that good.

After dinner, you can hang out in one of the restaurant bars or at the Suada Club Bar till the wee hours. If you're lucky, you might even be in town when the island hosts one of its flashy events. One word of warning, though: watch how much you imbibe at Suada Club, because you still have to take that ferry across the rocky Bosphorus before your night comes to an end.

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