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Porter Brings a Little Online Travel Agency Action with 'Porter Escapes'

Where: Canada
January 11, 2013 at 12:01 PM | by | ()

If you’ve ever booked a flight on an airline website—and we’re thinking that you have—you’ll recall how eager the airlines are to sell you lots of extra stuff. From hotels to cars, and even activities...they are all there for your booking pleasure, and that’s the case even when you’re not interested in any extras. Well now there’s another airline entering the all-in-one travel business, as Porter Airlines is brining their signature service to all aspects of your vacation.

They’re calling their little venture Porter Escapes, as clearly they want you to escape via one of their flights to somewhere a little more fun then where your call home. Expect the usual complimentary lounge access, free drinks up in the air, and everything else that makes the Porter experience truly one of a kind. However, now they’re also adding in some suggestions for what to do when you land.

From city escapes to ski weekends it’s all there for your booking pleasure. In total they are planning to offer up packages in and out of 19 of their destinations, and it sounds like you’re welcome to start your trip beginning on January 14. Sure you can just piece things together to create your own trip, but why not give them a chance to throw it all together on your behalf. They do promise that you can save some bucks, and after all they have those cute raccoon mascots—those suckers can pretty much sell us anything.

[Photo: Porter Escapes]

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