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Delta Gets Hip to iPads with New Specially Formulated 'Fly Delta' App

January 11, 2013 at 11:18 AM | by | ()

It's almost the weekend!! But before you shuffle off to whatever shindigs or travel you've got planned this weekend, better download the newest, shiniest airline iPad app. This morning, Delta released their Fly Delta app for iPad, which not only means enhanced features that easily top the iPhone app, but what Delta says is "completion of the first phase of our customer technology investments of more than $140 million."

It's free of course, and downloadable via iTunes. Enter your SkyMiles account details to personalize the experience once you've got it on your 'Pad and play around—it takes only a moment to notice the enhancements.

Still it's in-flight that the app shines, as Delta's introduced something they're calling the "Glass Bottom Jet," which will track your flight and display what you're flying over right at that moment and any social media postings radiating up from the ground. A tweet in Topeka, an Instagram in Framingham, a YouTube in Youngstown...just watch 'em.

So, would we use the app in-flight? Totally. We've been transitioning more and more to just popping out our iPad and leaving the laptop alone up in the air and the iPad app's seamless sync-up with Gogo wifi means we'd hit up the app first and foremost for all the flight info while connecting. Plus, for travelers who don't already have robust flight tracking apps already on their iPad, the app's tracker and "glass bottom jet" features provide a little entertainment boost and, who knows, may get more travelers addicted to live tracking.

Good news: you'll totally be able to check into your flights from the iPad app, but that mobile boarding pass still has to be on your phone for easier mobile accessibility and whatnot. Luckily the app can zap it there.

Live flight tracking

The "Glass Bottom Jet" feature

Check in online

Flip through this month's edition of Sky

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