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Friendly Reminder That It's Not Nice to Assault TSA Agents

January 4, 2013 at 10:24 AM | by | ()

We went over this when some genius decided to dress up as a giant pink rabbit and misbehave during a security check, but apparently it requires emphasis. Though there are lots of great reasons to dislike TSA, you don't actually get to attack TSA agents. To wit:

Take one 39 year old South Korean woman traveling to Orlando International Airport. Add some holiday stress and mix in 3-2-1 regulations that excluded two bottles of lotion she was carrying. Now for good measure throw in a TSA enhanced patdown. Without getting into too many details, the result involves the phrase "swung several times."

The Orlando Sentinel reports on a bit of an incident at MCO over the holidays. Hyunjoo Kim slapped around a TSA agent who had pulled her aside for a patdown. She did it multiple times actually, according to the police report which was subsequently and inevitably filed. Yelling and cursing were also involved, of course, as was an attempt to retrieve luggage that she wasn't yet allowed to retrieve.

Not that you should need a reason not to assault federal employees who are doing their job, but there are actually a couple good ones. For starters, per the agency's end-of-the-year media push, they really do intercept a whole lot of guns over the course of a given year. The final number for 2012 was 1,527 guns, of which a plurality were .380 semiautomatic pistols. 1,295 were loaded.

Now you might argue that most if not all of those guns were carried on board accidentally and weren't security risks. 1,527 passengers is basically statistical noise given the total number of U.S. travelers per year. Fair enough.

But that doesn't take away from the more basic point we're trying to make: stop hitting TSA agents. For fuck's sake.

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