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Qantas and Emirates Did a Little Dance, Then Got Down Last Night

Where: Australia
September 6, 2012 at 10:04 AM | by | ()

Some big news out of Australia. We're talking huge, game-changing news! After a few attempts at finding a global airline partner to help out the international leg of their operations, Qantas has finally secured one: Emirates. There are lots of details to cover, so let's get right into it.

The Flying Kangaroo has been looking for a new way to get more people on their planes and recently began talks with the Dubai-based carrier to code-share on flights to and from Australia. The move will expand travel opportunities for both sides of the partnership, allowing Australians to access the vast European network of Emirates—with only one stop—and Emirates passengers to fly domestically down under.

The plan is for Qantas to dump their partnership with British Airways and begin flying to Dubai from Sydney and Melbourne, while code-sharing their flight numbers on Emirates flights to Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. This opens up the possibility of smoother connections and happier travelers. If all goes to plan, the deal will start in April 2013.

Frequent flyers will be able to share the benefits of each program with earning and redeeming capabilities on each airline and reciprocal use of 80 total lounges for Qantas Club and Skywards members. For Qantas Frequent Flyers the benefits are bit better as they can earn miles for all Emirates flights, and Skywards members can only earn on international itineraries. For those high-flying frequent flyers, status will be matched on both carriers and Emirates is even going to create the equivilent to Qantas' Platinum One, the ultimate highest tier. Travelers from Australia will have exclusive access to Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport, DXB.

Qantas will even re-shuffle their "Kangaroo Route" services to Asia since they will no longer be necessary for connections to Europe. Qantas will still see continued flights to Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, amongst others, but it's now Dubai instead of Singapore that'll serve as the Europe hop stop.

Emirates has also committed to some changes with the talks about adding a premium economy cabin to their airplanes since Qantas long-haul offers this additional class of service. This will create a more seamless travel experience for all passengers taking advantage of the new Qantas-Emirate alliance.

Have a look of the sleek video below to watch how the airlines will work all this out.

[Photo: Qantas-Emirates]

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I'm excited

This is such a great arrangement for both Qantas and passenger. It will open up an easier traveling journey to those eastern European countries and the ability to keep my FF points in the one program. I'm excited for that and the use of the Emirate lounges. Thanks for your story, it made my day ;-)