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Hertz Turns Used Car Salesman with 'Rent2Buy' in US and Australia

Where: Australia
September 5, 2012 at 9:53 AM | by | ()

The folks over at Hertz are going to start kicking some tires and wheeling & dealing around Australia as they launch their Rent2Buy program.

After a successful launch of the same program here in the US, the rental car giant is taking their negotiating skills Down Under. Potential car buyers will have the option to purchase late model vehicles previously rented to travelers. All cars come with the promise that they've been well-maintained and priced competitively, as in under the recommended resale value based on RedBook —the Aussie version of the Kelley Blue Book. So, no lemons!

Buyers will have the opportunity to test drive the automobile for three days before deciding if they want to sign on the dotted line and take the keys. If all goes well and the driver wants the car, the three days will act as a free rental until the papers are signed. If after the trial period it's a No Deal!, the customer has to fork over $66 AUD per day.

Each car comes with a 90-day money back guarantee and a 5,000 km limited warranty. And just to make sure no customer gets handed a secret lemon, each car includes its full service history paperwork.

Hertz car lots will be found in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland; those are the states which respectively serve as home to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We can only hope that polyester suits on the sales people are not part of Hertz's new deal.

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