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Kennedy Space Center Will Make Some Money Off the Space Shuttle 'Endeavour' Yet

September 7, 2012 at 12:26 PM | by | ()

Enterprise, not Endeavour, atop NASA's 747

September 20. Mark that in your iCal for your next chance at NASA shuttle-spotting as the Endeavour mounts NASA's specially configured Boeing 747 for the cross-country trip to the shuttle's final resting place in Los Angeles.

We've already filled you in on what's going down for the parade through the streets of LA on October 12, but Cape Canaveral isn't about to let the opportunity for extra cash pass by almost two weeks earlier.

Whereas standing street-side will be free in LA, Florida's Space Coast is selling tickets for a viewing of the flyaway, and they're not cheap...

The LA Times has the deets:

Kennedy Space Centerís visitors complex is selling tickets -- $90 for adults, including admission to the visitor complex -- to view the Endeavourís final departure Sept. 17 from near where shuttles landed after completing their missions. Or, visitors who pay the complexís $50 admission charge can watch the modified 747 carrying the shuttle fly 300 feet over their heads from the complexís rocket garden.

Okay so the $50 fee for the 300-foot pass is pretty darn tempting, though keep in mind that weather conditions and other factors could delay the date into October, so we'd recommend taking out some trip insurance if you're dead-set on traveling to take this in.

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