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Flying Bangkok Airways from Phuket to Bangkok for Under $50

September 6, 2012 at 7:34 PM | by | ()

Before we launch into our review of this one-way Bangkok Airways flight from Thailand's Phuket International (HKT) to Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi (BKK), let us point you to the one-way flight that got us to Phuket in the first place, right here, on Nok Air.

While our Nok review is littered with pictures of the bird-painted airplanes and plenty of notes on the flight, this one won't be as detailed on account of the fact that we flew in the dark of night after scuba diving off Phuket for three straight days (yes, fellow divers, we did wait over 24 hours before flying, don't worry). Still, it was dark and we were crazy exhausted and bracing for what was the beginning of a 24-hour ordeal to get to back on US soil.

Booking our Bangkok flight was easy enough—right on BangkokAir.com, and we paid only the equivalent of $49 USD, purchasing the ticket about 1.5 weeks in advance. Searching the same route now, it looks like the web saver fares average 2390 THB ($76 USD), so keep your eyes on the site for specials.

Bangkok Airways likes to brand itself as Thailand's "boutique airline." What that basically means is, it's not affiliated with Thai Airways (as Nok is) and it offers the very cute extra of complimentary lounges for all flyers. We only hit up the tiny one at Phuket, with its free nibbles and juices, but peeked in back at Bangkok and BKK definitely has all the space. Next time!

Also, unlike Nok Air with its flights from the city's "second" airport of Don Mueang (DMK), Bangkok Airways sticks with the main international hub of Suvarnabhumi (BKK), eliminating the need to cross town in the middle of the night to switch airports to catch our later United flight to Tokyo-Narita.

Onboard we sadly remember little apart from the vibrant colors of the flight crew uniforms, the nice little complimentary lunch tray that was handed out around 10pm, and being assigned an exit row with extra legroom (because we were taller than most everyone else?)

Would we fly Bangkok Airways again? Absolutely. The price was right, the flight on their A320 did exactly what we expected it to, the crew were smiling despite the late hour and hectic Thai 747 departure that gunked up the Phuket gate area, and the BKK hub location is ideal. Thumbs up.

[Photos: Cynthia Drescher/Jaunted]

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It is highly recommended

It is highly recommended to travel by air if you have children or elderly with you during your trip. You can however opt to travel by land like via private rented vans or buses if you intend to go to Bangkok from Phuket. However, the long journey might tire you out and clash with the itinerary that you have planned out. This is especially not advisable for children or elderly who might not be physically fit to withstand the long hours on the road.