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Romney and Ryan Reveal Their New Campaign Planes

September 4, 2012 at 10:10 AM | by | ()

There’s a lot of hot air exchanged during the campaign season, but if there’s one thing worth paying attention to it’s the campaign planes. Of course President Obama will be utilizing Air Force One to get here and there as he explains his message to supporters and onlookers, but Mitt Romney has an airplane too and it just made its debut.

Following the big pep rally down in Tampa last week, the Romney campaign revealed the look of their 2012 campaign charter planes. The main aircraft is a MD-83 featuring the campaign’s stylized “R” logo on the tail. This is the plane Romney will probably use the most, but Congressman Paul Ryan also has a jet of his own. The Vice Presidential candidate will be flying around in a DC-9 that’s just as old as he is, as the plane rolled off the assembly line back in 1970.

According to CNN, the Presidential candidate plane is of course a little bit bigger and better and roughly 30-feet longer with a couple of kitchens—er, galleys—on board. The Romney plane also has a little bit more range, as it can pretty much fly diagonally across the country—like 2,750 miles or so—but the Ryan campaign plane will stop for a fuel refill if it tries to transcon.

Fun fact: apparently the Romney plane served as U2’s tour airplane in a previous life and even had some lyrics scrolled across the front of the fuselage. Clearly it’s a slightly different role for the jet this time, as “Believe In America” is now the plastered message.

Regardless of who you’re supporting in the election this year, we’d still recommend keeping your eyes peeled for one of these planes at an airport near you.

[Photo: Instagram via Holly Bailey]

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