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Did You Know? There's a Word for Those Airline Seat Headrest Napkin Things

September 12, 2012 at 11:32 AM | by | ()

Fun fact: fun facts are awesome. Whether you're trying to chat up a flight attendant or simply love learning something cool, we've got some tidbits to share. So all this week, we'll be squeezing our mindgrapes to bring you some awesome, random travel factoids.

Fact: Those disposable headrest things on airplane seats have a name: Antimacassars.

Expanding your vocabulary is always a good thing, but we wouldn't necessarily recommend that you refer to the headrest flappy things by their proper name if, say, you're requesting a new one from a flight attendant.

"Can you please replace my antimacassar?" The answer will likely be a blank look.

Still, the history of the term is pretty interesting as it hails from the days of men adding pomade to their hair, or Macassar Oil in the early 19th century. Good old Wikipedia even shares that "Antimacassar" refers to the flap on the back of a sailor's shirt to prevent this oil from staining the uniform. These days it just means a flimsy piece of thin felt that maybe maybe gets changed a few times a year.

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