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Boeing Adds In-Flight WiFi and Other Tech Tidbits as Standard Options

September 27, 2012 at 9:52 AM | by | ()

When it comes to airplanes there’s all kinds of standard features. You’re pretty much guaranteed a seat, a tray table, and of course a seatbelt. However, as technology moves forward you might just be guaranteed a few other things that will keep you in touch with the folks on the ground. We’re already pretty familiar with in-flight WiFi, but it looks like Boeing wants some of these tech tidbits to become standard equipment across their lineup.

Things like in-flight cell phone use, WiFi options, and even television will now be available as options on some of the new planes. This year you can expect 747-8s and 777s to roll off the assembly line with the features and Boeing is even working to retrofit some of the new connectivity options onto and into the 787 as well.

Just like adding a sunroof or another accessory on a new car purchase, a lot of these will become yours for the choosing—assuming you’re the one tasked with purchasing a commercial airplane. By the time 2014 rolls around these upgrades and improvements will be available on each and every one of the Boeing planes coming out of the hangar.

Airlines have already been more than on top of it when it comes to shoving wires, transmitters, antennas, and other bits and pieces into their planes. However, it’s nice to see that Boeing will get with the technology additions right from the beginning. Let’s just hope the carriers open up their checkbooks to ensure this stuff is actually installed.

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