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United Finally Took Its Baby Boeing 787 Dreamliner Home to Houston

September 28, 2012 at 4:13 PM | by | ()

The 787 gets a water cannon salute after landing in Houston

The skies above Texas today were absolutely speckled with the green and yellow radar blips of thunderstorms. That sucks for Texas, with the exception of one other radar blip: United Airlines' very first Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which came home to Houston on its delivery flight from Boeing Field in Washington State.

Those thunderstorms did add a twenty minute arrival delay, though; it was the final delay in a what's really been a saga of delays leading up to the first delivery of a 787 to a US airline.

It's actually been quite the quiet affair, this delivery, despite all the lead-up United did with infographics, the big livery unveil and pre-delivery frequent flyer tours. We assume the airline is just triple-checking things, flipping switches and kicking tires to be absolutely sure this is the aircraft they hoped for. Then, on November 4, the 787 is due to be gradually placed on as-yet-unannounced domestic routes from United hubs to ease it into service before kicking into scheduled trips between LA and Tokyo and Denver and Tokyo in January 2013.

So, yay! The United States finally has one of its very US-built 787s! Finally.

787 Dreamliner take off from United on Vimeo.

[Photo & video: United; statistic snapshot: FlightAware]

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