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Why Apple is in Trouble with the Swiss Federal Railway

September 27, 2012 at 12:27 PM | by | ()

Let's talk iOS 6. Passbook? Check. Maps? Check. iPad update? Hmm—let's discuss that just a bit, because there is a hidden tidbit in the update you may not have noticed, but the Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) sure has.

If you've got an iPad and you've upgraded the operating system to iOS 6, then one small change will have been the switch of clock icons. From the standard black-bordered clock, the icon has changed to a cleaner, whiter one. It's lovely—the only problem is that it's the registered design property of the Swiss Railway, who've used that particular analog clock face throughout the nicely neutral country flowing with chocolate and muesli.

Switzerland isn't taking this sitting down, either; TUAW notes that Apple is meeting with the SBB over the issue to discuss an agreement, even though the SBB admits* that they're "proud" to have their clock design copied for iOS 6.

[Photo: CNET/Apple/Mondaine]

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